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Meet the "PD" Horses

My Dear Watson

     Watson is Kate's semi-retired FEI partner and her childhood pony. He is a 23 (ish) year-old grade paint gelding who was picked up for meat price at an auction in 2011. Watson was green broke when Kate first got him, and over the last decade they grew from Intro Level through schooling the Grand Prix. Watson is now living out his retirement from the upper level work with his new owner, Tiffany. Without Watson, Painted Dressage would have never become what it has today.

Into the Cosmos

Cosmo is a 4-year-old Quarter Horse x Gypsy Vanner who Kate is developing up the levels. Kate purchased Cosmo as baby and has spent the last 2 years developing his ground work and putting him under saddle herself. This little guy has a very big future ahead!

Ginger Lilly

Ginger is an 18 year old Morgan standing at 14'3 hands. She is our treasured lesson horse and takes the absolute best care of her riders. Ginger has shown locally at Intro and Training Level, and schools baby leg-yields at home with her more advanced students.

Paint it Black

Raven is a 4 year old Welsh Pony x Draft who is currently being started under saddle. Kate is "supposed" to sell Raven, but hopes to find a student within her program to lease her :)

In Memory of
Dearly Delightful



    Delilah was rescued in spring of 2021 with a body score of 2. She had never seen a farrier and was relatively unhandled. Lila was the first horse Kate started under saddle and she took to dressage like a fish to water. In June of 2022, our sweet Lila unfortunately lost her battle with a rare neurological condition that resulted from her previous malnutrition. She will always be a treasured member of our herd and loved by many.

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