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Boarding and Training Packages

Painted Dressage Farm is proud to offer full-board that includes:
daily grass turnout, 4-5 flakes of high quality Timothy and/or Alfalfa hay, Strategy or Ultium Gastric Care, ration balancer as needed, blanketing, fly spraying (must be provided by horse's owner), and daily stall cleaning.

Amenities include:
Eight 12x12 stalls, an air-conditioned tack room, two sets of crossties conveniently next to the tack room, and a regulation-sized 20x60 dressage arena. Kate also lives on property.


Board Package Options

*Training rides and lessons are interchangeable per client and horse's needs*

 Base Lesson Board (Full-Care Board and 1 lesson per week) 

Level I Training Board (Full-Care Board and 2 lessons or training rides per week)

Level II Training Board (Full-Care Board, 3 lessons or training rides per week)

Additional training rides/lessons are $60 each


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